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Wes-Har Asbestos Analysis & Consulting Ltd.

Since 1988 Wes-Har has been offering dependable quality consulting and laboratory services for a wide range of clients so they may comply with occupational health requirements relating to asbestos.

Sample Management

Samples received are assigned a unique identification number and batch locator based on the clients Chain of Custody information. An in-house developed data management system (WHDMS) , streamlines data entry and report generation, with the ability to search, sort, extract and report sample information based on numerous criteria directly related to the client's requests.


  • methods
    • Asbestos (bulk) by PLM, NIOSH Method 9002 (Issue 2, dated August 15, 1994)
    • EPA/600/R-93/116, dated July 1993 (bulk)
    • EPA/600/R-04/004, dated January 2004 (vermiculite)
    • NIOSH Method 7400,Asbestos and Other Fibers by PCM (air)
  • over 30 years of analytical experience
  • an array of matrix specific non-routine sample preparation procedures
    • acid washing / ashing / gravimetry
  • documentation through digital photography
  • summary and detailed reports.
    • air sample report
    • bulk sample report

Correlation Programs (Laboratory Id 149340)

Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (BAPAT) sponsored by the American Industrial Hygiene Association
Asbestos in Building Material by Dispersion Staining / Polarized Light Microscopy (DS/PLM)

Industrial Hygiene Proficiency Testing Program (IHPAT) sponsored by the American Industrial Hygiene Association
Asbestos in Air by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)


With our close proximity to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) clients from Vancouver Island, the Interior and Northern British Columbian Communities, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon have the option to send packages via air cargo through the various airlines to:

    • YVR Main Terminal
    • YVR South Terminal
    • YVR South Terminal float planes / Heli-Jet

We will pick up the shipment for no additional fee. Contact us for more information.

Providing timely proficient results for asbestos in air fibre-counting and bulk fibre identification is the key to our service. Be it now, tomorrow or next week, with the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Asbestos Hazards in Renovations, Restorations, and Demolition (WorksafeBC Production)